Friday, March 11, 2011

God bless people on earth (:

And as I was driving down that road the other day, it was raining and a very heavy traffic going on the peak hours. At some point, I was amazed rather than hoping this traffic would end. As I look into the cars next to me, I see things. Then I start to realize how hilarious, bizarre, and how astonishing life could be. Imagine in these few minutes in the car, it’s like a time-stopper. It’s like as though time stopped and I see things. I saw a man in a car mumbling, how bad he wanted out of the traffic and he was furious and saying vulgar words. Then I saw a woman at the back of me, trying to keep her child down from crying. That woman back there must have been having a hard time during the heavy traffic with the sound pollution in the car. There was another man on the opposite road, he was on the phone smiling. He just seems to have enjoyed the ride in the heavy traffic like as though is having a sweet time with his wife on the phone. A youngster driving as slow as he could, he was wrangling with his girlfriend. They were screaming shouting and disagreeing each other full of hand signs and big emotions. Then I start to think again, there are so many types of people in this world. Imagine how God works on us, putting his together at one place when we’re all totally strangers. At the same place, same time, but totally different life. Even though we’re all in our own cars, I can see we are all having our own problems. Some of us are mad at some people, some of us are just enjoying to be loved. Some of us gets frustrated and some of us are just lifeless. Sometimes we live, we live a life where we didn’t realize how important life can be. Until the extent of the big earthquake in Japan that might affect other countries, people all over the world totally strangers. Caring for each other and praying that they will be all alright, that they will be save in His hands. Oh Lord, I pray… Father you made us in this way. Some of us may not appreciate, some of us may not notice you, but no matter how many “Some of us” in this world there are too many of us. Too many to categorize us into groups and countries, And as finale, you still love every single one of us. No matter how furious was that couple in the car, and how frustrated was the mother of a child, and how loving a spouse can be, we will be saved.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011

I feel like blogging again

I had one whole day with Pat
We went to Oneutama for my all time favourite BarBQ Plaza
Rushed our lunch for a movie called homecoming
after the movie we head back to Pat's place
I had a nap
I had a dream
And as I woke up from my sleep
I open my eyes and take a peep
Thinking about yesterday
He tries to fit his fingers into my fist
At that moment, I never thought he would hang onto my fist even if I push him away
He tried and tried and tried
Till my heart got so soft
I wish he would do this for me everyday
But I also wish he would not..Cause
This is what makes things special (:

I loved him yesterday,today and tomorrow.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


what's going on

Friday, October 29, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh ! you made me smile :D

Today you asked me

"Will you be mine?"

My heart pumps and I hugged you so tight

You asked me again,

"Would you please answer me?"

I smiled and took a deep breathe..

I just want you to know...

I have already answered you
Not that I didn't want to say it out
My heart pumps cause I'm excited
I hugged you so tight cause I felt like I'm so lucky to have you
I smiled because I know I already have you
And I took a deep breathe because you already have me..

Thanks for making today memorable,
I never forget how did you held my hands for the first time (:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

What are we gonna be

"Sometimes you wont even realize
you were actually tearing
not until that single drip of tear
mingles down your cheek
all the way to the bottom of your chin
Then you know you were sad
A kind of sad that it was too numb to feel anymore"

no one knows

Monday, August 23, 2010

Just a little status

Perhaps there are still things that is unforeseeable
Why would human nature live for death?
Could you believe the earth would explode one day
And the moon maybe our next planet?
Keep it thinking,

It is possible
Everything is possible
From the day we were born,
We were born with sin
We sin more, but thank god for his only son
Same goes to me
From the day I’ve made this decision
I’ve always been in a very uncertain track
Where was I heading to?
Am I on my way to where I’m supposed to be?
Here is another challenge,
We’re different..All of us
We’re never the same
And if only you can find someone that is identical with you
That…..would not always be right
I find things work out supernaturally
Is there really a kind of particle in our human body
That makes me know what is HAPPY and what is SAD
What is love and what is hatred?
Life is precious, even though every single day people make mistakes.
Even the people we love
Why do we have to ponder what has been done
But not deliberate what can we do to make a better day?
I know I’m just talking something that may not be motivating
But I believe as every day we talk about how miracle life can be
This would increase the optimism in human life

Let’s make a different.
Cause different is Good.